DIY solar water heaters are simple and provide both domestic hot water and space heating. This can be designed as you wish and according to the needs of your home. You will be able to adjust the size and made for your home design. DIY solar water heaters can be easily constructed for your home, why you ask; well you can find it very cheap from a commercial solar water heater.

DIY solar water heating systems are an amazingly good economic choice. It pays off your monetary hurdles and is very much manageable system. It is simple to install. Estimably you can save as much as up to RM7,000 by having your own solar water heater.

This kit can be installed by using your existing system and save on energy costs. This will have the minimum maintenance cost for you and will work for several years. These solar panels can be used if you already have it at home.

It might take you a lot of time to decide whether to have DIY solar water heater or not but honestly it is simple and inexpensive to build. In fact it consists of three simple steps for the design;

Firstly, you have to a glass covered wood “hot box” which will help you to store the heat of the sun.

Secondly, you need to install manifold copper water pipes inside you box, which will keep the warmth for the water.

Thirdly, you just need to hook the outlets from the manifold to your storage tank (water storage tank should be above your heat collector) this will gather the water from the collector to the tank. A simple science is that hot water will rise and cold water will sink. The liquid heated in closed loop system will move upwards and will elevate this storage container, while the cooler water will circulate downwards to the collector to soak up more sun heat.

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