The only thing which will impress you is the simplicity of Heatfirst solar water heaters. They have come up with an incredible system with design features as given:

Heat pump malaysia Solar Pro
  • Incredible Heat Source– The design rules out the use of fire as the only heat source. The brand is equipped with Air-source heat pump which helps to extract the heat as well as humidity from the air in the surroundings.
  • Consistent Supply of Warm Water– It is designed in a way that the heated water goes up to the desired temperature. The pump helps to increase the water temperature i.e. the extracted heat is used to circulate it through a calorifier for increasing the temperature.
  • Source of Life – Air – The brand is designed to produce cold air as a by-product of heat extraction. The extracted heat is channelized to offer air-cooling in many spots to enhance comfort level.
  • Environmental Friendly – It makes use of environmental friendly material and refrigerants. The brand keeps up with high standards of durability ultimately manufacturing long lasting products.

Basic technical specifications of the Heatfirst for all models;

  • It is housed fully in stainless steel which renders it as corrosion-resistant. It can be easily installed anywhere because of its water-proof design
  • Evaporator coil is made from multiple rows of copper tubes being fabricated as counter flow tube-in-tube design. High water temperature at great efficiency is rendered by condensate drain connection.
  • Offers high head flow rate through its corrosion resistant impeller water pump made out of stainless steel.
  • Runs directly on Marine duty Motor directly driven by propeller fans that are protected from corrosion. The speed is 1100rpm/50Hz. There is a built in isolating motor that helps to reduce the vibration and noise arising from the fan.
  • The built-in scroll compressor is a start of the art product that makes highly efficient water heater to operate at minimized sound and vibration levels. Also the operational efficiency increases and it works for longer hours.
  • Only environmental friendly R134a Refrigerant is used by this brand. This is approved by Environment Protection Agent (EPA).

Commercial Models

Model MP has specific capacities that are made as per order specifications.

(Imp Gal)

Specifications Applicable to all HF Models

  • C.O.P Heating: 4
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Model HF specifications are subjected to change without prior notice only where above C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance) is based on 30 degrees Celsius air dry bulb (inlet) @ 80% RH.

ModelWeight (kg)Dimension (mm)Cooling Capacity (kW)Cooling Capacity (Tons)Heating Capacity (kW)Heating Capacity (Btu/hr)
HF-152251200x1180x75011.23.215 51195
HF-2228516.54.722.5 76750
HF-303301380x1180x85022.86.530 102390
HF-4537033.39.545 153585
HF-6041543.812.460 204780

Residential Models

Specifications applicable to all HRM Models

  • Rated Heating Capacity: 5 [17.065]
  • Power Supply: 240V/1phase/50Hz
  • Noise Level [dB(A)] : 51
  • Rated Outlet Temperature (Max): 60 °C
  • Fan Speed (RPM): 950
  • Type of Compressor: Rotary
  • Cold & Hot Water Connection (Outlet)/Safety Valve & Condensation Drain : 3/4″BSP
  • Inner Tank Material: Stainless Steel (Premium Grade)
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Coefficient of Permission: 3.8 – 4.2
  • External Tank Material: Stainless Steel
  • Full Operation Amperage: 6
  • Tank Insulation: High Pressure Injected Polyurethane Foam (45kG/m3)
  • Incoming Power Requirement(Amp): 20
  • Standby Electric Booster (kW): 2 (optional, 3kW)1

*note: Model specifications are subjected to change without prior notice only where above C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance) is based on 30 degrees Celsius air dry bulb (inlet) @ 80% RH.

ModelTank Capacity
Unit Dimension (mm)
(Diameter x Height)
Weight: Operating/Empty

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