In many of the untapped markets, solar water heating systems are contributing to immense cost cutting. The onetime cost of purchasing and installation is higher in comparison to conventional systems; however, long term benefits are a significant gain.

Key factors determining costs are:

  • Hot water consumption
  • System’s performance

An electric heater for a typical household utilizes 3000KW of power translating to 1000 RM approximately in terms of electricity charges per year. However, solar water heater system is expected to substitute three quarters i.e. 75% – 80% depending upon where you are residing. Protection from fuel shortages and price hikes adds to the benefit deal. This is equivalent to 3.5 years payback on your investment in solar water heaters i.e. free hot water for at least next 15 years.

A typical solar water heating system is priced at a range of RM3,500-Rm12,000. This is inclusive of actual cost plus installation charges. The cost of maintenance is quite low. A checklist comes at the time of installation and most importantly leakages are required to be monitored. Also this maintenance check is serviced by the installation company for an annual fee at your sole discretion. It is advised to be thoroughly checked by professionals every 3-7 years. Based on performance, anti-freezer’s and pump’s replacement cost charges in the market may vary but both these components must be checked to ensure proper functioning  ===> Contact Us Now to Find Out More

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