Installation problems:

  • Solar thermal collectors are usually very large in size and sometimes the storage is too small which can create overheating.
  • Tanks are not pressurized correctly which will overheat the tank.
  • Recirculation pump is joined with the storage tanks, which removes the solar system from the operations such as hot water is ready and is being heated already by the heaters.
  • Size of the pipe should be accurate; this sometimes creates problems in flow characteristics of solar water heaters.
  • The type of tubes used should be selected correctly. Vacuum tube types are considered the specified and perfect for low temperature.
  • Installers should use the UV rated, not the wires or some other material, this will cause unnecessary maintenance cost. For normal wires and other materials sun breaks them over time.
  • Always get installed your solar water heaters from certified tradesman like plumber etc.

 Other problems

  •  The common reasons for having problems with solar water heaters are failure of the design. By design, we mean the technological factors. The design should be compatible with the house conditions.
  • Another problem is with the vexing which is stemmed with the factor that a booster of electricity or gas, which is needs to give energy in some cloudy conditions.
  • There can be pump failure, wiring malfunction, leakages and the shading problems like less sun energy.



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