Get a quality solar water heating system right in Selangor. Solar Pro just provides you a necessary device when it comes to hot clean water. We have incredible and affordable deals on high quality solar water heating systems in Selangor. These familiar brands like Solarpower, Mysolar, Solarmate, Aquasolar, and others are only the few brands we partnered with to give and provide exemplary service. So, if you want to get reliable service and save on your costs, then you have us!

Solar Water Heater Repair Service

We serve all kinds of assistance including fixing the following scenarios:

  • Water not getting heated without any evident issues

  • Tripped booster

  • Heating element breakage

  • Pressure temperature valve malfunction

  • Water tank leak

  • Thermostat not working

  • Panel leaking

  • And other common and rare problems.

Solar Pro is a comprehensive solar water heater service in Selangor. We are more than a retailer store as we also offer post-purchase assistance for every customer. That includes service package for installation, damage handling, and even covered maintenance. Whenever you encounter issues and problems with your system, you can always call us and we will dispatch our team.

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