Smart Solar is a leading water heating service provider in Malaysia that offers top-of-the-line heating systems for residential and business use. Smart Solar Malaysia integrates the best solar technologies today to provide homes and commercial spaces in Malaysia with unlimited clean and on-demand warm water 24/7.

Top Specifications & Description

  • Optimum water heating capacity

  • Interactive monitoring and control systems

  • Marine-grade materials and components

  • Active Tank Protection

  • Access to unlimited clean & warm water

  • Best value for money

What Makes Smart Solar Malaysia a Top Choice

  • High-efficiency heating capacity

Whether it is a sunny day or you are experiencing heavy rains in your area, Smart Solar’s heating system can provide you with warm water you need. It uses the Evacuated Tube System that can maintain and retain the temperature in the water tank.

  • Long-lasting heating equipment

Components and materials are of the highest quality that can withstand the harshest temperatures and environments. Made from marine-grade stainless steel, Smart Solar’s heating system is highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. This equipment can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance and upkeep.

  • Smart Heater Control

Each system is equipped with LCD display unit and temperature sensor that keeps track of the water temperature inside the tank. The Auto Switch On Heater feature enables the system to manage the heat temp level in the tank when the temperature falls below or rises above the set point.

  • Close Loop System

Clogging and corrosion will not be an issue with a close loop system. It is also leak-proof since the water will not pass in the collector. Users will have continuous access to clean and safe warm water round-the-clock.

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