For a certain, you are on a search to look for a reliable supplier for your solar water heater system here around Klang. Good job, you landed on the right page! We are a leading supplier here in Klang and in Malaysia, partnered with known solar water heater manufacturer and brands. Solar hot waters are rather delicate systems that require careful use and regular maintenance, which shouldn’t be neglected. Here, we offers affordable and high quality solar water heater services in Klang. Therefore, you are fortunate that you have reached us. Experience using high quality system together with a high-end professional assistance with low-cost compared to others in the industry. We are the best choice you can ever find in Malaysia.

Solar Water Heater Repair Service

Damaged or broken system? Do not fuss, we will dispatched an expert team to assist you right away:

  • Water heater not getting hot

  • Tripped booster

  • Thermostat not functioning properly

  • Heating element not working

  • Pressure temperature valve malfunction

  • Leaking water tank

  • Panel leakage

  • Backup heater not working

Solar Pro offers complete solar water heater assistance in Klang. While primarily specializing in sales, we have harnessed providing after-care and post-installation assistance to all our clients. In regards with that, trust that your system will up and running again; making sure your money spent with us is worth every cent.

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