Nowadays, every household wants to have a regular supply of hot water running. And the newest trend that is booming lately making it very achievable for every consumer- the installation of solar hot water distributor. And this is a clear reason for getting a hold of a qualified solar water heater expert. Solar Pro offers affordable and professional solar water heater deals in Puchong. Our company associates with the world’s most renowned solar water heaters, such as Solarmate, Solarpower, Mysolar, Microsolar, Solarwave, Solarplus, Lexun, Aquasolar, Solarmax, Summer, Solahart, and many more.

Solar Water Heater Repair Service

Our company made of efficient and well-trained individuals who were experts on the job is here to assist you with the following problems:

  • Leaking water tank

  • Panel leakage

  • Tripped booster

  • Thermostat not working

  • Heating element failure

  • Water not getting heated without any evident causes

  • Non-functioning pressure temperature valve

  • And other issues related to your solar water heater.

Keep an eye with Solar Pro incase you need to have an on ready contractor. We do not only perform sales but also caters into other aspect as well like installation, repairs and maintain heaters. So, when you need to buy a heater or trust your heater to a company that has proven its name and work quality, you can be certain that we provide the ultimate solar water heater service in Puchong. Get a premium service that fits in your budget and way more affordable compared with the other contractors in the market.

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