An increasing number of people in Malaysia seems to buy solar water heaters for their houses. It is an effective and 100% eco-friendly way to get hot water for minimal cost in Penang. If you are planning to buy a solar heater, and aren’t sure, which will suit your house best, there’s no better way to do it, than hiring us – Solar Pro. Collaborating with a wide range of brands, including as Solarhart, Microsolar, Solarmate, MysolarSunpower, Solarplus, Solarwave, Summer, Lexsun, Aquasolar, Solarmax, and other solar water heater manufacturers. We approach each customer individually, because everyone has their own unique needs, and each case involves a wide range of unique factors. Careful consideration of each variable allows us to make the best offers ever found on market.

Solar Water Heater Repair Service

Solar Pro will help you solve any of your solar water heater problems to assure its proper functioning. We specialize in solar water heater repair, including:

  • Heating element malfunction

  • Leaking water tanks

  • Leaking panels

  • Not working pressure temperature valves

  • Tripped boosters

  • Malfunctioning thermostats

  • And many other issues that may occur with a solar water heater.

When hiring Solar Pro, you can always be certain to get the finest solar water heater service in Penang and other areas throughout Malaysia. Our company is dedicated to providing upper grades solar water heater repair and maintenance in order to ensure highly efficient work of our customers’ solar water heating devices.

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