Solarwave Solar Water Heaters

Solarwave Unique Features and Technology:

  • Heat Pipe and Evacuated Tube technologies

  • Efficient tubular solar collection capabilities

  • Pressure-free hot water tank built for durability

  • Hygienic water storage and generation

  • Quality assurance on all models

  • Wide range of products built for various applications

Solarwave Solar Water Heater Advantages

Some of the distinct benefits of Solarwave solar heater systems are:
  • Heating innovation and product efficiency in one
    A Solarwave solar water heater is the product of a wide range of technologies designed to facilitate maximum solar absorption and efficient heat transfer. Through its Inner Coil design, heat is preserved for longer. More than this, Evacuated Vacuum tubes insulate the heater from losing heat unnecessarily.
  • Quality testing on all products
    Each Solarwave Malaysia solar heater has passed rigorous testing and quality certification standards before making its way into a home or business facility. This has resulted in exceptional solar collection capabilities and the manufacture of durable storage tanks which are built to last.
  • Flexible applications and installations
    Regardless of your location and the atmospheric conditions within your property, there is a Solarwave Malaysia solar heater meant for you. Specific models are designed to work even during the winter season when there is minimal to no source of solar energy.
  • Cost-efficient and energy-saving
    With an efficient solar water heater installed in your home, you can easily take advantage of energy cost savings, instead of relying heavily on the grid for electrical energy.

Solarwave Solar Water Heater Models

  • SW SERIES – The Heat Pipe System
  • S SERIES – The Evacuated Tube System

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