Still eyeing some prospects for your solar water heater project?You have found the best solar water heater retailer in Petaling Jaya– Solar Pro. You may get in touch with us right now and our team will handle your requests and preference professionally. Our company is servicing devices produced by the world’s most acknowledged solar water heater brands, including Microsolar, Lexun, Solarplus, Aquasolar, Solarpower, Mysolar, Solarwave, Summer, Solarmate, and Solahart among others.

Solar Water Heater Repair Service

While being primarily a retailer, we also deal with all kinds of solar water heater breakages and troubles, including:

  • Not working pressure temperature valve

  • Leaking panels

  • Leaking tanks

  • Malfunctioning thermostat

  • Heating element breakage

  • Tripped boosters

  • Water staying cold, when the device appears to be fully functional

  • Other issues

In other words, our company does it all: sell, install, repair, and maintain solar heating systems in Petaling Jaya. We are just a call away for anything solar water heater related concerns. When you need to buy, repair or maintain your device for an affordable cost, you know you can rely with Solar Pro. We’ll make sure your solar water heater is always clean, functional, and providing your home and family with clean, hot water.

Do not fret, place a call with us today and enjoy the quality service our team right in your town.

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