Solar Pro is an officially certified and registered company dealing with solar water heating systems. Our company has been founded over 10 years ago and has become one of the premium and most reputed suppliers of solar water heater related services. Solar Pro is one of the most reputed solar water heater suppliers in Malaysia and as well is a team of qualified experts and technicians that know are able to take care of any technical issue that may arise in a solar water heating system. We approach each customer individually in order to ensure the most effective and guaranteed result.

Solar Pro also deals with retail and maintenance of solar water heaters. That said, along with fully stocked systems, our customers can buy various replacement elements from us. While being one of the most reputed solar water heating system suppliers, we also aim to be the best repair specialists on the Malaysian market by providing upper grade maintenance to our clients.

Our individual approach is focused on the needs and budget of each particular customer. Unlike most other contractors in the niche, we, at Solar Pro, are trying to find the most budget-friendly and effective solutions for each particular situation. We avoid any hidden costs and each client can see what they are paying for at any moment and adjust it, if they want ahead of time.

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