SolarMate Solar Water Heaters

First established in the 1980s  as a manufacturer and service provider of solar water heaters in Malaysia, SolarMate is a reliable brand of solar power heating systems in the country and globally. An enduring market presence coupled with efficient solar hot water heating products make Solarmate a pioneering name when it comes to solar powered water heating in Malaysia as well as in other parts of the world.

SolarMate Unique Features and Technology

  • 30+ years of market experience

  • 1st Malaysian solar heater manufacturer brand

  • Domestic and global installations

  • Minimal maintenance requirement

  • Product innovation and quality excellence

  • Exceptional customer support

  • Up to 10 years in warranty coverage

SolarMate Solar Water Heater Advantages

Some benefits to expect with a SolarMate solar water heater are:
  • Pioneering solar water heater system brand in Malaysia
    SolarMate is recognized in Malaysia as the first manufacturer of solar systems including solar PV systems and solar powered water heaters. For the past thirty years, SolarMate has consistently provided reliable and efficient solar water heaters in Malaysia and in various installations all over the world.
  • Innovative and high-quality solar hot water systems
    Innovation is at the forefront of SolarMate solar power water heaters. Some of the cutting-edge features of their solar hot water heaters are double-riser systems, cost-saving flat metal roof installations, stainless steel brackets, long-lasting Kaizen steel tanks, and rust-proof thermal panels.
  • Warranty support and guarantees
    SolarMate guarantees up to 10 years of warranty coverage on their solar PV and solar water heating products.
  • Solar heater Malaysia after-sales service
    With SolarMate valuing their customers just as they place importance on quality product manufacture, you can expect stellar customer support from a team of competent installers and solar energy experts. 

SolarMate Water Heater Product Models

  • SOLARMATE Classic Series
  • SOLARMATE Sapphire Series
  • SOLARMATE Ruby Series

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When planning to go solar, you need to trust in a brand that has already proven its performance both in Malaysia and beyond. SolarMate is one of these brands.

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