With this eco-friendly way to power your dwelling, the renewable solar energy offers a great range of specific benefits. Real life users always support generating their own energy. Following will give you a good idea how much this green energy can put back in your pockets.

Elimination of Electricity Costs

Solar water heating system aids to achieve great amounts of savings in electricity bills. Typical savings for a well installed and appropriately functioning system translates to personal savings of over 15, 000 ringgits on an average per year when replacing electric immersion heating. Carbon Dioxide savings hits 490 kg per year for the same.

Enhanced Home Value

Such installations amplify your home value increasing appreciation rate to typically 55% with solar panels. Long term savings empower the owner with a great investment.

Tax Incentives

The incentives are available from both federal and state governments. Varying on state basis, solar power devices render a 100% sales tax exemption. Local utility companies also offer rebates and other incentives.

Solar Panels’ Life-Span Savings

Solar power systems come with a 25-30 years warranty and these systems are mostly assumed to last for 25 years. Proper care and maintenance render a lifespan of 40 years. Regular cleanings can easily work this out.

Installation costs of a new solar water heating system also may achieve support through Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme which varies as per the number of people in a particular household.

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