When installing any water heaters, one is looking for economical systems. Solar water heaters are considered to be a good investment since these heaters are cost competent and save total energy costs. Following are the reasons how electric water heaters are replaced;

When building a house, a lot of builders suggest you to choose electric water heaters only because they are easy to install and little less expensive than the solar water heaters, however, solar water heaters supersede the conventional ones due to the following reasons:

  • These electric water heaters have about 25% of your house energy while heating water.

It is seen that the solar water heaters usually offers the huge potentials in your savings. If you own a solar water heater you are saving almost 50% to 85% annually on your utility bills as compared to electric water heater.

  • Solar water heaters don’t pollute at all as compared to electric ones.
  • While solar water heater replaces the electric water heaters, it actually saved over more than 50 tons of carbon dioxide. The emission of carbon dioxide traps the heat in the upper atmosphere, which further cause like a “green house effect.”
  • The economic factors of electric water heaters are not so impressive any more if we simply compare it to any other source of energy. To heat the water with sun definitely having long-term benefits, like less fuel consumption, the price fluctuations and of course the environmental factors.
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