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Solar Water Heater Repair Service

Our company deals with all kinds of solar heater malfunctions and problems, such as:

  • Water tank leaking repair

  • Panel leaking

  • Heating element malfunctioning

  • Pressure temperature relief valve not working

  • Water heater not hot

  • Tripped boosters

  • Thermostat replacement

  • Backup heater not functioning

You can pretty much say that we do it all. Not only you can buy solar heating systems from us, but you can also expect us to install and maintain it for you. In other words, we’re more than just a retailer in Johor Bahru. What we want to tell is when you are planning on getting a solar heating device for an affordable cost and you want to be certain that there’s someone reliable to look after it, you now know a solar heater company you can trust. Solar Pro will make certain that your heater is always clean, operational, and providing your household with clean, hot water on solar power.

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