Microsolar Solar Water Heaters

With its first solar heater system developed by award-winning architect Siang T. Teoh, Microsolar remains to be a pioneering force in the domestic and global solar power water heating markets. With features such as infrared tubes, nickel chrome construction, and double glazed panels, Microsolar Malaysia continues to hold its place as a trusted brand of solar water heaters all over the world.

Microsolar Unique Features and Technology

  • Pioneer in multi-valve, thermo siphon water heating

  • Nickel-chrome stainless steel

  • Infrared tube-shaped array

  • As much as 40.7% solar efficiency

  • Up to 90% savings on central heating

  • Patented in US, Europe, and Australia

Microsolar Solar Water Heater Advantages

  • The first in thermo siphon solar water heating
    Microsolar solar water heating systems are known to have gained first ground when it came to multi-valve thermo siphon technologies. With up to sixty coaxial multi-valves and interior separators, hot water is produced and maintained at any time of every day.
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
    With solar hot water heaters installed primarily outdoors, durable external design and construction is crucial. Microsolar solar water heaters are made from nickel-chrome stainless steel and feature double-glazed solar panels for maximum solar absorption.
  • Maximum energy efficiency and savings
    According to prior testing, a Microsolar hot water system is able to deliver one of the best solar efficiency ratings at 40.7%. This can translate to as much as 90% savings on central heating.
  • Flexible applications
    Microsolar water heaters are built for a variety of applications, from extreme outdoor installations to more common household and business uses.

Microsolar Water Heater Product Models

Some Microsolar solar water heater models are:

  • Microsolar M80VTHE 360 litres
  • M55 252 Litres Microsolar, 40 Valves
  • Microsolar M60VTHE 264 litres
  • M55 264 litres Microsolar, 32 valves

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Having your very own solar water heating system with Microsolar built systems ensures you to save a very least of 90% of your monthly bill- and that’s what you called big savings!!!

If you’re thinking of making the solar energy switch in Malaysia, choose a Microsolar water heating system.

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