Available both for domestic home owners and commercial projects, SUMMER solar water heaters have gained wide-spread recognition as the most reliable and efficient known brand. With immense focus on saving electricity and gas, SUMMER for past 30 years has been prudently offering carbon and energy savings as hot water technologies to the entire world.

Consistent R&D has enhanced its serving capacity which has been acknowledged by International testing bodies marking SUMMER as a premier Solar Hot Water System. Installing SUMMER saves you up to 95% of the total space and billing charges in the light of current energy consumption needs. The environmental footprint is also a technological edge, since the SUMMER system is manufactured from 100% Recyclable materials. The commitment to offer high end reliability, sustainability, customization and a wealth of customer care; SUMMER has indeed risen up as a trusted brand.

To make the right move and capitalize on economic gains, grab hold of SUMMER’s best models scaled for your specific needs.

System Description

Hot Water Consumption
Summer 300TX2mm Thick Stainless steel, 500kg weight, 2.4kw Electric Booster, Safety valves, Solar collector ( cooper, Titanium Blue panel), Glass cover thickness 3.0mm, 1940 x 1016 x 80mm casing.8 x 
Summer 300SX510mm x 2430mm 2290mm (H x W x L), Tank 510mm, Weight 450kg, Thickness 3.2mm, consist of 2x solar collectors ( titanium blue panel) pressure relief valve, 3kw electric booster element and safety thermostat, 300L – 304L stainless steel.8 x 
Summer 300CX300L – 304L Stainless steel, Matt black coating (2 x collectors), Pressure relief valve, 3kw electric booster and safety thermostat.8 x 
Summer 270CX270L – 304L Stainless steel, pressure relief valve, 2 x Solar collector with matt black coating, 3kw Electric booster and safety thermostat, Thickness 3.2mm, 510mm x 2430mm x 2030mm (H x W x L).6 x 
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