It is known that clean water is the basic supply we need and having a regular disposal of it is very significant. We understand the severity that is why it is essential that every household has it.  Hot water is essential for daily usage hence Solar Pro offers cost-effective and expert services of solar heater retail in Melaka. We are affiliated with all solar heater makes and models, including Solarwave, Summer, Aquasolar, Lexsun, Solarplus, Solarhart, Microsolar, Solarmax and other popular brand names.

Solar Water Heater Repair Service

Solar Pro which consists of expert and professional fieldmen will provide you the following maintenance and services:

  • Leaking water tank

  • Leaking panel

  • Booster malfunction

  • Heating element not working

  • Water not getting heated

  • Non-functioning pressure temperature valve

  • And other issues with your solar water heater

Looking for an affordable and budget-friendly service contractor won’t be so hard now- you have Solar Pro! Including in our premium services is not just sales but also post-purchase assistance – maintenance and repair also. Thus, if you have already decided to have a sustaining supply of hot water in your household or in your office, don’t hesitate to call us. We assure you quality service yet in an affordable price. No need to compromise, we make sure every penny you spent is worth it.

Give us a call today, your price quotation is on us.

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