Sunpower Solar Water Heaters

Sunpower manufactures and installs a wide array of solar heater systems designed for home use and commercial installation. Through the use of highly durable materials such as aluminium and fiberglass, a Sunpower solar water heater is manufactured to withstand the eventual wear of frequent and prolonged use. Copper materials help boost heat absorption and facilitate better heat transfer. And with its corrosion-free finishing, every Sunpower solar water heating system is designed to look as good as it works.

Sunpower Unique Features and Technology

  • Vast array of solar water heating systems

  • Durable aluminium storage tanks and collectors

  • Scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant finishing

  • Bigger tubes for efficient lime protection and better durability

  • Copper materials for efficient heat transfer

  • Electric standby boost

  • Fiberglass insulation for optimal heat preservation

Sunpower Solar Water Heater Advantages

  • Varied systems for a wide range of applications
    Sunpower solar hot water systems are designed to work with a wide array of applications, from domestic installation to business or commercial purposes such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts.
  • Strong, reliable design and construction
    Every Sunpower solar water heater is built with precise engineering principles in mind. In addition to using strong aluminium and copper materials to facilitate better heat absorption and retention, these solar power heaters are also outfitted with fiberglass insulation and corrosion-free external finish.
  • Availability of electrical boost option
    During days when the sun is not at its most powerful, you can still continue using a Sunpower solar heater through its electrical boost option. This way, you don’t have to compromise on your daily operations or depend entirely on on-grid heating.
  • Significant energy savings
    A Sunpower solar water heater system allows you to save on energy expenses without hurting the environment. Rather than relying purely on electricity from the grid or those that operate through natural gases, you can install solar water heaters from Sunpower instead.

Sunpower Solar Water Heater Models

  • Sunpower Residential Hot Water Systems
  • Sunpower Commercial Hot Water Systems

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