Solahart Solar Water Heaters

Solahart is a trusted brand when it comes to solar PV technologies and solar water heating panels in Australia, Malaysia, and around the globe. Known for their vast experience and quality commitment when it comes to solar products and services, Solahart has steadily grown into a trusted global brand of energy-saving and reliable solar water heaters. Installing a Solahart solar heater system in your residence or office spaces can give you as much as 90% in total energy savings.

Solahart Unique Features and Technology:

  • 65 + years of experience in solar heater manufacture

  • Up to 50% or 90%  hot water energy savings

  • Priority on product quality and efficiency

  • Fully inspected and tested products

  • Trained installers and solar experts

  • Global solar water heating brand

  • Reliable warranties

Solahart Solar Water Heater Advantages

Solahart solar water heaters in Malaysia can ensure the following advantages:
  • Market experience of more than 65 years
    With their longevity and experience in the market, Solahart is a brand trusted the world over for their steadfast commitment to quality. Their PV systems and solar heaters can be found in homes and facilities in more than 70 countries all over the world.
  • Exceptional solar hot water systems
    All Solahart solar hot water heaters are products of remarkable innovation and rigid testing. This is to ensure that each water heater meets quality standards set by the company. Furthermore, there is a Solahart solar powered water heater for every unique installation requirement. Buyers may choose among thermosiphon roof mounted solar heaters, split-type heaters, and heat pump water heaters.
  • Solar water heater expertise and warranties
    More than just the manufacture and design of exceptional solar water heating solutions, the brand is also known for their trained installers and solar energy experts. And with warranty backups, you know you’re buying a solar heater built to last.

Solahart Solar Water Heater Models


  • Solahart L Series
  • Rheem 52D Series
  • Solahart SP Series
  • Rheem 52C Series
  • Solahart LCSD Series
  • Solahart CS13C Series


  • Solahart HS Series

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