A solar power generator is a machine that converts solar energy into electrical energy. This process is known as photovoltaic power. Many solar power generators are considered to be environmental friendly. These generators are usually used in emergency during power outages, some use them to reduce home utility bills and sometimes they are used as an off grid source of power in remote areas.

A solar power generator is made up of several parts. Firstly, you need to have panels to collect the solar energy or sun light. These are used to collect sunlight/solar energy from the panels which will convert this sunlight to electricity. These panels are mounted in such a way that they capture the most possible sunlight by angling it in different ways.

Now the next step is that you should have all the components which can store this collected energy until it is ready to be used. This will ensure energy storage for the night time after the sun goes away. Commonly the voltage of such batteries is 12 volts. This simply means that the panels which are mounted should also be able to produce as well as collect 12 or more volts of electricity. So for this reason you should have a volt meter on it.

Currently, when you will purchase a solar power generator it will have a DC input with an appropriate shape that looks like a car lighter. Many appliances which we buy usually run on DC power. Most appliances normally being used are on AC power so this solar power generator has an inverter that converts the DC power to AC power and should have standard AC power plug-ins. This generator might have small power and therefore might not be able to run all the items. Though unlimited energy is only be provided by the sun, this is a great way to spare the earth and save a few bills at the same time.

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