People who want to by heaters often face the confusion of choosing among electric water heater and solar water heater. While both the mediums are used for water heating, there are basic differences between both. The below table will give the details and thus help you choose the one.

Solar water heaterElectric water heater
Water is heated with natural resource of sun rays.Water is heated only when electricity supply is available.
It’s built in storage tank can store water.Water can be stored only if water tank is already installed.
Cloudy weather does not allow water heating.Power cuts disrupt water heating.
Water heating through natural resource combats global warming and other environmental issues.Use of electric heaters emits greenhouse gases, thus plain air pollution.
No moving parts hence won’t break easily and last 10-30 years.Have movable parts so longevity is less.
Used mostly for centralised water distribution in hotels and housing complexesMostly used in individual houses for domestic purposes.

All the above points suggest that each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While solar heater installation cost is high, electric heater is less expensive. But in the long run electric heater will result in high electric bills while solar heater will cost zero and also combat environmental issues. Hence it will depend on your choice on which will suit you the best.

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