Solar energy offers the power you need to provide to your house. It is considered the cleanest, powerful and cost effective source of energy.

When it comes to home energy, solar panels are likely to be the future of your home life. Solar panels are somewhat costly to buy, but once you have them installed, this money will pay you back in the long run. This will become exponentially greater as energy prices increase.

To install the solar panels, following steps will be undertaken:

Step one:
Selecting the correct spot for the solar panel is very important, the service provider will pick a spot which is on the east or the west side of the roof, so that it can receive most of the sun’s energy. Find what is causing shadow over your solar photovoltaic panels.

Step Two: 
The solar pv panels are required to be tilt a bit; almost twenty-five degree latitude where you live, so that they are well positioned and adequately tilted towards the sun.

Step Three:
Panels are then placed at least four feet apart and on the top of the rafters. Rafters of your house can be found by the blue prints.

Step Four: 
The next step pertains to drilling holes in rafters and placing the steel bolts which will fasten the solar panel mounts to roof.

Step Five:
Your installation service provider will then make sure all the bolts are sealed properly in order and they are keeping the thermal envelope air tight.

Step Six: 
Mostly the solar panels can be rebuilt with an easy to fasten panel to mount inference, so which ever you choose, make sure that the solar panels are off the roof by at least a quarter of foot. That is because the air flow helps the panels operate at the peak efficiency.

Step Seven: 
It is then connected to electrical supply. All the electrical systems are hooked together and nailed tightly. To make this happen expert help is taken from the service provider.

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