A few simple guidelines will give you the answer that whether your home is right for solar or not. Following are the points:

  • Installation Orientation: House location is top-most need to considered for solar installation. Standard cases, it needs to face south at all times. It is said, with this installation, the system will gather optimum light energy. Therefore, flat installed system or ground-mount, the immediate process is to have it tilted to face south. Ideally, system installation within 40 degrees directly facing south is expected, this is to ensure the system will receive high production.
  • Minimal shading: The key point for this is “less shade, more energy collection”, “great shade, less energy collection”. That simple! Since we are harnessing the sun’s energy, we need to be wary about our environment. Look for an ideal place where it is suited to have the system installed. Look access and watch out for anything that will obstruct the sunlight. Would you consider removing an obstruction if it meant a difference for your solar system?
  • Minimal obstructions and Surface area; consider moving away from obstruction if that will really make a difference between having a solar light or not. You have to see the roof dimension and see if it fits for your solar panels. You also need to know what kind of roof you have. Think of it this way, the wider and clearer the space your roof has, the better. For pipes, chimneys and skylights, we can handle those for you.
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