There can be many ways to capture energy from; sun is one of the most profound sources of energy. Sun rays help to heat the things through solar thermal energy just like water gets heated in your home.  Solar energy can be used for the electricity as well. There can be two other ways including daylight, which is the practice of using illuminate indoor spaces and passive solar space heating. These two catches the sun heat within the building elements and then release the heat during the periods when sun is not shinning.

Solar energy has hot water systems which could be an effective way to generate hot water for your home. Since you have cold water due to winters, the house-owners can use active and close loop solar hot water system. The active systems use electric pumps to circulate the water with a low freezing point through the very uniquely designed collector panels which are on your roof. This water is heated by the sunlight as it is passed through the collector panels and then directed to a heat transfer to the unit where it warms the cool water and supply it to hot water tank. The close loop means water returns to the pump and again flows into the solar collector on your roof without ever getting mixed with your home water.

Wind is also like sun, it is also one of the effective ways to generate energy. Wind energy is effectively inexhaustible source of energy that has been neglected. Winds are generated by the earth’s rotation and solar heat. Introduction to wind energy came while studying the previous work on solar energy and it explore the feasibility of a system that uses wind as a generator. It is combined with flat plates of solar collector in an effort to reduce the amount of energy and only provide the necessary energy for residential or commercial space eating. Up till now there isn’t any combined system in the world which has both solar and wind power.

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