We can define solar thermal systems as, it consumes the sun’s warmth to heat water for our daily use. The liquid inside the solar panels (which are on your roof) will absorb radiance from the sun, then it is pumped into the pipes to your hot water collector (container), heating up water to a preset temperature.

Solar thermal energy is usually generated by solar energy to produce heat. The effect of this is similar to parking your car in sunlight on a hot summer day, by staying under the sun the car starts producing heat, so the solar thermal has the same process only except the heat is generated and it is utilized to warm the water. The main benefit is that you will be able to contribute in preserving energy reserves and protecting the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions. If the product is environmental friendly and also a very useful product, what else you need.

It is a simple principle that integrates the system easily. Your solar collector absorbs the sun’s rays, converts them to the heat as discussed above. So after releasing its heat via heat exchanger, the heat-transfer liquid flows back to the collectors to get reheated. Sometimes there is a controller that keeps the heat-transfer liquid circulating whenever the heat is available in the solar collectors. Usually in winters, your boiler serves as an alternate heat source but that’s not necessary with all of them. Today, your solar thermal systems can be integrated into existing hot water systems with relatively ease and with very less hassle.

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